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Our Ministry Training School (MTS)

The Ministry Training School is a part-time training programme that prepares people to follow the call of God into vocational ministry. The Ministry Training School has a proven track record having successfully launched many men and women into the sphere of life to which God has called them. We believe that effective ministry is rooted not only in theology, but also in a living and exciting relationship with God.

At the core of our training philosophy are three foundational pillars:

  • Academic Preparation (Heads)

  • Personal Development (Hearts)

  • Practical Ministry (Hands)

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Students complete a Bachelor of Theology degree; a Bachelor of Theology specialising in Christian Counseling; a Higher Certificate in Christian Life or a Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling through the South African Theological Seminary (SATS).

These programmes are accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE), the Education and Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The academic content is supplemented by HLA worldview classes as well as the development of essential leadership acumen.

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The journey of the heart begins with a discipleship course, called the Life Training School (LTS), which is aimed at establishing a foundation deeply rooted in the Father’s love.

All further discipleship takes place right through the year within an environment of love, acceptance, accountability and personal growth.

Classes cover topics such as:​

  • Spiritual Formation classes

  • Whole Life Discipleship

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Students are required to be involved in church life, either at their home church or at Hatfield Christian Church. From this base of serving, students learn practical ministry skills.  Various outreach opportunities are also made available.

Classes cover topics such as:

  • Practical Preaching;

  • Spiritual Formation classes

  • Leadership – Theory & Development

  • Biblical World View

  • Input on practical ministry skills: e.g. personal finance; small group facilitation; how to conduct different services

  • Bible Interpretation – following the Sunday Bible School HCC program

  • Whole Life Discipleship

  • Enrichment classes - on topics such as Academic writing; How to write an assignment; or any theologically related webinars we may present from time to time.

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MTS Fees

Contact us at for more info and fees.

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We offer our MTS program as a part-time study option to accommodate students who have other responsibilities while studying. 

Add the Bonus Level to your Membership subscription and you can attend all the MTS Classes.

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Pastoral Internship

2nd and 3rd year MTS students get practical ministry experience through a Pastoral Internship in which they shadow a Hatfield Pastor for approximately 15 hours a week (or hours as specified). Learn first-hand how to do home visits and lead small groups; observe how to conduct weddings and funerals; do hospital visits, as well as learn about the admin that ministry entails. If you live far from Pretoria but would like to be part of this, we would love to partner with your pastor to offer you an internship in your church. Contact us to find out more.

If you’d like more information, get in touch today.

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