HLA in partnership with SATS



Hatfield Leadership Academy (HLA) has been affiliated with the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) since 2017. It has been a great experience for both staff and students alike. We are very impressed with the service SATS has offered us as well as the content of the subjects. We have had a steady stream of more than 70 students studying with us each term – students across the age, gender and demographic spectrum in our country and even beyond, and they’ve all had a good and enriching experience.




SATS is accredited by the Council of Higher Education (CHE), the Education and Training Quality Assurer (ETQA) of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are registered by the Department of Higher Education (registration number 2001/HE08/005). SATS is also widely recognised internationally.



  • Higher Certificate in Christian Counselling

    • 132 credits – 11 subjects

    • Entry requirements:                

      • Matric

  • Higher Certificate in Christian Life (HCCL)

    • 120 credits – 10 subjects

    • Entry requirements:                

      • Matric

  • Bachelor of Theology

    • 360 credits – 30 subjects

    • Entry requirements:

      •  Matric with exemption

  • Bachelor of Theology – specialising in Christian Counselling

    • 360 credits – 30 subjects

    • Entry requirements:

      •  Matric with exemption



  • Honours in Theology

    • 120 credits

    • Entry requirements:  

      • Bachelors in Theology

      • or any Bachelors degree + HCCL.

  • Masters in Theology

    • Thesis program

    • Entry requirements:

      • Honours in Theology

  • Masters of Divinity

    • Structured program: 240 credits of which 60 is a capstone project.

    • Entry requirements

      • Any Bachelors degree

  • Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology.

    • Thesis program

    • Entry requirements:

      • Honours in Theology

ANOTHER OPTION: Stand-Alone Subjects:

If you don’t want to do a formal qualification or if you don't have a Matric, you can do any undergrad subject as a Stand-Alone subject

More information on the programs visit https://www.sats.edu.za/programmes/





SATS is an online university so you need to be computer literate, as well as have reliable internet access for your studies, as SATS makes use of an online portal, called mySats, to engage with their students. All study materials are available through this portal and projects and exams are submitted directly online to SATS through mySATS, and commu nication with your course facilitator happens on mySats as well.

  • TERMS:


There are 4 terms per year (3 months each):

       1 February – 30 April

       1 May – 31 July

       1 August – 31 October

       1 November – 31 January

There are 4 intakes in the year, so you are welcome to start your studies at the beginning of any of the 4 terms. Please ensure that you apply one month before the start of a new term.

Note that SATS follows a fixed academic calendar, in order to pass a subject you do need to fulfil the requirements and hand in assessments at the specific due dates. 

SATS requires you to do a minimum of 4 subjects in a year. (unless you are doing a stand-alone subject)

  • FEES:

Subject fees are payable directly to SATS at the beginning of each term .

Fees cover subject costs for a term. Subjects are completed within 1 term.

These fees include your study materials, your online textbooks in the form of readers, as well as access to world-class academic databases and online libraries. 

Subject fees can be found on the SATS website.




HLA has been in the process of training people for ministry for almost 40 years. Our aim is to train and empower leaders to better serve in their spheres of influence. We believe it is important for leaders to understand the times and their leadership contexts and then to develop a biblical expression of leadership that can change the world.

Studying is challenging – but you don’t have to do it alone.

HLA offers affordable Membership Subscription levels that gives you access to the support you need. See HLA Membership Model. 

Be part of the HLA community of over 70 students. Connect with HLA staff, facilitators as well as fellow students and be empowered for your journey in the following ways:



HLA offers affordable Membership Subscription levels that gives you access to the support you need. See HLA Membership Model. 

HLA students get a 10% discount from SATS on all your subject fees. SATS sees the value of students being part of a study group like Hatfield and offer a financial incentive to encourage students in that.



We offer monthly discussion classes in which we help you contextualise and apply what you are learning in your SATS subjects.

You can attend this in person or virtually via the Zoom Cloud Meeting app, or you can receive the video and audio recordings afterwards.

Classes happen in a 1-week cycle, once a month and the times are scheduled for after-hours as far as possible. Classes are designed to give you exposure to knowledgeable group facilitators and to enrich your study experience by getting additional input; having a place to bring your questions; and rubbing shoulders with students who are on the same journey as you.

We cover a number of SATS classes each term, so remember to align your subject choices with the HLA Academic Program.

Note that our Counselling students have a monthly class in the form of a Cohort with experienced counsellors who cover various practical and insightful counselling topics. You also get an opportunity to meet fellow Counselling students and support each other on the way.

All Ministry Training School classes are offered to both part-time and full-time students. See details of MTS classes on the Ministry Preparation page. Part-time students who would like to receive ministry preparation input, choose the Bonus level with your Membership level and get access to all MTS classes. 



Need assistance with subject choices, curriculum changes, extension requests, arranging a remark, or any other study related admin and information? Let us assist you or point you in the right direction. Email sats@hatfield.co.za.

For our full-time students, mentoring and accountability regarding your studies are built into the Ministry Training School program.  For correspondence students this happens on a more informal basis by being in contact with you from time-to-time; helping you to keep pace with your study commitments, praying for you and offering wisdom for life and ministry that goes beyond the formal curriculum, if you do not already have this in place in your local church.




We provide facilities and invigilators for you to write examinations for the subjects that require that.

Contact us if you would like to write your exam at HLA.  




As a Hatfield student you are most welcome to visit the Resource Centre during office hours. You can use all the Reference Books in the Resource Centre and take out all other books for 2 weeks at a time.

Make an appointment at resources@hatfield.co.za to come and browse through the books or to come and use the quiet study cubicles to study.

We also have online-resources which you can access via our kindle account. Online Resources include reference books and also the prescribed textbooks for most of the subjects that require that.




We monitor your progress in your studies to provide moral and spiritual support. 

We are here to offer advice on a personal level as needed, so remember that you can contact us for input regarding time management, your course material or personal matters that relate to your studies. In order to provide you with sufficient support we would love to make these 2 services available to you:

  • one-on-one (or small group) tutoring sessions – either via Zoom or in person in the HLA Resource Centre

  • assessment evaluations where we check your content, academic writing; citations before you submit your assignment, to ensure you are on the right track.

Please email sats@hatfield.co.za to arrange a one-on-one session or an evaluation of your assignment.


Why study through HLA?

How to apply


1) Apply to HLA

2) Apply to SATS

You will need the following:​

  • Certified copy of your ID or passport

  • Certified copy of your matric

       or Certified copy of highest qualification ​​



Submit your application to HLA -

click here.

After submitting your HLA online application form,  you will receive the Hatfield Partnership code that you use to apply to SATS to be registered as a HLA student.



Now, submit your application to SATS -

click here.

You are welcome to make an appointment for us to do the application submission with you and give you advice on your electives:




Applications are OPEN during the COVID-19 shut-down.